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At Udayan, we strive to give our children a quality education so they have a chance to make something of their lives.  Our students do well, and go on to work in a variety of sectors - from nursing and mechanics, to physiotherapy and social work.  Udayan graduates make something of their lives, far greater than the opportunity they would have had living in a leper colony.


One of the secrets of our success is to create a home like environment and give our kids lots of love, detailed attention and support to spread their wings and fly!  Our 'house mothers and fathers' take care to impart discipline, but also to create a warm caring atmosphere for the Udayan children - in particular, the little ones who find themselves in our care at such a young age!


We try to balance our children's lives with diligent study, and fun, extracurricular activities to ensure they grow into strong, well-rounded individuals.  There are sports, games, music, dancing, yoga - all aimed to harness the energy of these kids and bring out the best in them as individuals!


And so what lies for our children beyond Udayan?  A wealth of opportunities ... and we help them connect with those opportunities by supporting them into Tertiary study or Vocational Training.  We even do our best to facilitate quality job opportunities with our range of corporate partners in and around Kolkata who see the potential in our students as part of their growing businesses.

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