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The first time you set foot on the grounds of Udayan, one cannot help but be taken in by the beauty of the lush green grounds.  Thanks to yearsa of generous support we have been able to develop high quality buildings, and take care to create a home-like environment on the inside.


The gardens are manicured and well kept thanks to the helping hands of the children who take care of the facilities and grounds as part of their 'daily chores.'  This helps instill a sense of pride and work ethic in the children.  Additionally, Udayan has a small farm which is tended to by the boys and a gardener and they produce a variety of seasonal vegetables to support the hot, delicious meals churned out three times a day at the kitchen.  


And we have pets for the children too!  There are a variety of dogs who have made Udayan their home and are very affectionate.  There are 2 geese and 8 ducks who act as "watch dogs" and swim on the pond, and dozens of rabbits.



Children are provided with 3 hot meals every day to fill their stomachs, help them grow and give them the energy they need to tackle school and the fun they have with their friends.  Our kitchen staff are masters at providing a variety of healthy vegetarian meals for children, which is supplemented by eggs and chicken a couple of times of a week.  They are also encouraged to eat fruit on a daily basis.

Each child is provided with 2 uniforms and 2 sets of day clothes (along with undergarments) each year at Udayan.  A tailor comes to the school once a year and measures each child for their own set of clothes which is then sewn off site and returned to the child.

Each child has their very own bed, blankets, pillow and towel - which is probably a lot more than they would have in their own homes.


We place a big focus on health and we have a regular doctor who visits the home every week to see children and provide support when needed.  There is also a full time medical officer on staff to take care of day to day problems that arise.

Given the background of the children, they are regularly monitored for leprosy patches on their bodies and medicine distributed if required.

Daily bath and proper sanitation is paramount and we supply a variety of toiletries and linens so that children keep are kept clean and healthy during their time with us.

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