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Many of our students are eager to pursue tertiary education as their aspirations are high and they want to make the most of their lives and their ability to support their families.

We have ongoing relationships with many institutes and colleges in and around Kolkata and help to facilitate placements and scholarships for them to pursue higher studies.

After Class XII many enter college to do Bachelor's degrees -  BA BSc BCom and the like. Quite a number of Udayan youngsters have gone on to good jobs - after BEd a number have become teachers in government school and many of the girls pursue nursing which is a favourite having seen their families and communities suffer with leprosy.



We believe that every child is different and not all children have the skill or aptitude to pursue tertiary studies.  It is for this reason that Udayan places a heavy focus on Vocational Training and provides both boys and girls with a variety of opportunities to pursue areas of interest that will generate solid income opportunities for them in the future.


Some of the areas in which our children are being trained and have been trained in the past - Tractor Mechanics, Motor Mechanics, Mobile Repairs, Nursing Training, Hotel Management, Carpentry, Computer Soft and Hardware, Electrical, Tailoring, Textile Design, Commercial Art, Interior Decoration and the like.


We use outside agencies for all the training - except for tailoring and embroidery for the girls which are conducted regularly in-house. 

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