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At Udayan, we try to imbibe a sense 'family' and 'home' so that our children can grow and learn in a warm and caring environment, despite being away from their families.


As such, the daily routine consists of a variety of tasks to not only instil discipline and values, but provide a variety of experiences so that our children grow holistically during their time at our school and home. 

5.00 am - Children rise early to get started on the day and all it has to offer.

5.30 am - Udayan is a multi-faith organisation and Children make a short prayer to invoke the blessing of God,

6.00 am - Everyone heads to the dining hall for breakfast which consists of a variety of nutritious Bengali food, along with bread and fruits

6.30 am - Our children have a variety of chores they do to keep Udayan in tip top condition - cleaning up of premises, bedrooms and outside in the compound.

7.30 am - Engage in study  till 8.30 am.

8.30am - Students get ready to go to school which is situated outside the home for children from 5th standard to 12th standard while for small children a primary school is situated within the compound.

Lunch -  Udayan Vidyalaya students have lunch at 1pm.  The children who attend the outside schools have lunch at around 9.00am and after returning from school around 4.00pm they have light tiffin after which they have games such as football, cricket and basketball.

4.00pm - Udayan Vidyalaya students rest for an hour and then all the children play.

6.00pm - Children say a short prayer before they go to their respective tutors and study until 8pm.

8.30pm - Children have supper and get ready for bed.

9.30pm - Lights Out.

Festivals & Celebrations

Udayan children enjoy all the colour, fun and celebration of India's various festivals and special occasions are made of:


Vishwakarma, Saraswati,Christmas, Eid.


In addition, each child is recognised on their birthday, with special recognition for 'Udayan Foundation Day - 25th March', and the 'Founder's Birthday - 17th July.

The birthdays of all the boys and girls at the time of breakfast. The Birthday Song is sung and the child celebrating his/her birthday is presented with a token present - usually a bar of chocolate. The name is written on the Birthday Board so everyone can see whose birthday it is that day.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Sports played in Udayan by the boys : Football (with a professional coach), Cricket (India's most popular sport), Table tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Carom, Kabbadi (the last two being typically Indian sports),


After supper the children watch TV programmes if they wish. Hindi/Bengali films are shown on most Sunday's.


Educational tours are arranged from time to time to visit the zoo, museums and so on.


The girls and boys attend in house dance classes where folk dances as well as the more Bollywood type are taught. Violin lessons, Music, Singing, Drama, Drawing lessons are also taught on Sundays mainly.

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